Sunday, 8 June 2014

An Open Letter to the Jewish Chronicle

Marcus Dysch,
Political Correspondent,
Jewish Chronicle 

8th June 2014

Dear Marcus,

I am extremely disappointed by your latest article about me, in this week's Jewish Chronicle, the more so since I had taken your concerns very seriously, and promptly removed comments from other people on my Facebook you regarded as offensive. I thanked you for contacting me first rather than writing about it and asked you to advise me if you found other comments offensive in the future. You even thanked me for my response. So why then turn it into yet another non-story replete with innuendos and aspersions?

It is increasingly clear to me that the Jewish Chronicle is motivated solely by a determination to misrepresent me on every occasion. I am therefore at the moment disinclined to respond to any further communications from the Jewish Chronicle or yourself. Whether I change my mind or not, I will very likely make any further correspondence from you public.

My experience so far convinces me that your enquiries are never made in good faith. The readers of your paper deserve better journalism.

Yours sincerely,