Sunday, 19 May 2013

Doug Lockhart Global CEO of Biblica

Doug Lockhart is Global CEO of Biblica. In this short interview he talks about the future. For more information see Biblica 

Imagine sharing the Bible with 60% of the world in their primary language. Biblica’s Bible translations and world outreach allow us to do just that. Biblica’s international ministries impact 55 countries across 6 regions of the world. Explore what God is doing and how you might get involved in changing the world through the Bible.

AIDS Prevention through Bible Programs
Discover how to stop AIDS through Bible study, small groups, and the power of the Gospel.

Discover Bible lessons for kids that will teach about God and build a passion for the study of the Bible.

Discover a global strategy to reach the world with the Bible.

Scripture Outreach
Discover how low-cost Bibles are the ultimate tool for evangelism.

Bible & Church Engagement
Discover how a Bible study becomes community engagement.

Prison Ministry
Discover Bible resources for prison ministry.

Military Support
Discover how Biblica provides Bibles for soldiers and military families.
  Stephen Cave is the CEO of Biblica Europe. In this short interview he talks about plans for the future. For more information see