Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Revd John Woodger Responds to Allegations of Anti-Semitism

Dear Bishop,

I have been appalled to read of accusations of anti-Semitism being levelled against Stephen Sizer by the British Board of Deputies. I have known, and worked with Stephen on pilgrimages and issues relating to Israel/Palestine for over 25 years, and am fully convinced that there is not an ounce of anti-Semitism in him.

Stephen is a scholar, speaker and author on the issue of Israel/Palestine and related subjects such as political Zionism. He has done a great service to inform Christians from a Biblical perspective, and has been invited to address audiences that few Christians would even consider going to. He has made enemies in the process, but that always happens in pursuit of truth.

Stephen is caught in the trap of speaking against Israel, and this of course is anathema to both Jewish and Christian Zionists, who equate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism. You and I know that that is a false equation, and mere ignorance. It's quite simple, you can't speak against Israel and get away with it. Stephen has been bold enough to do it - and thank God for that!

I have heard Stephen speaking on many occasions, as well as discussions with Jews and Zionists. He is always very gracious towards his opponents and has a clear understanding of their point of view - he is never aggressive. I trust you have had the opportunity to see his contribution to Channel 4's '4 Thought - Are Jews still persecuted in Britain today?

I hope you will continue to support Stephen, not only because his accusers are wrong, but because he is a faithful parish priest in your Diocese, who does not deserve this treatment. In no way is he anti-Semitic, and you must know that.

John Woodger

The Rev John Woodger, MTh

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Anthony Julius is chairman of the London Consortium and a Visiting Professor at Birbeck College, University of London. His book Trials of the Diaspora, is a magisterial 800 page examination of the history of Anti-Semitism in England. In the final chapter which deals with the distinction between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, Julius writes,

"He has recently explained, however, that he 'categorically reject[s] any position that threatens the territorial integrity of Israel as a sovereign nation.... Stephen Sizer's work has the merit of clearly setting out the issues that divide the two sides, and furthermore doing so without the rancour or sheer nastiness of tone typical of the polemics in the conflict." (p.571)
It is ironic that much of the "rancour or sheer nastiness" comes from Zionists unable to distinguish between two.

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