Friday, 11 May 2012

Rhema FM Newsrun Interview on Palestine

Andrew Urquhart of Rhema Radio in Auckland interviewed me yesterday as part of the TEAR Fund Reconciliation Tour of New Zealand. You can listen to our interview here

See more photos taken at Rhema FM here.

Steve Haas, Vice President of World Vision USA wrote this endorsement:
"I am thrilled that TEAR Fund NZ is serving as host for the very important visit of Rev'd Dr. Stephen Sizer. Stephen is clearly aware of the hurdles to Middle East reconciliation and serves as a tireless spokesman for peace in the Middle East and one that is shared by the Israelis and Palestinians that live there. Stephen has my utmost support and admiration."
Steve Haas
Vice President, Chief Catalyst
World Vision US

Dr Mark Keown, a Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies at Laidlaw College, School of Theology, Mission and Ministry, has made some perceptive observations about the way a small group of Zionists have tried to discredit the TEAR Fund Tour of New Zealand.
"It has been a great week having Stephen Sizer among us at Laidlaw College. We also had the privilege of having him to speak at Glenfield Presbyterian Church on Sunday and Monday night. He is a lovely man with a warm heart. Those who vilify him obviously have not met him. He is wrongly accused of being heretic, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic and more. Such accusations are an utter disgrace and a direct violation of the Christian imperative to love one another! Whether we agree or disagree with him, we can walk in fellowship with him. I warmly endorse him and consider it a privilege to have met a brother in Christ who understands the central call of the gospel to justice and mercy. His preaching on the Good Samaritan (I still like the name, my bad?) gloriously reminds us of our need to above all else, show compassion. I loved the debate last night; all credit to Richard Neville and Stephen for doing so well and modelling Christian dialogue, it was a brilliant night!"