Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Why I Believe Reconciliation Between Israelis and Palestinians is God's Will

I regularly receive comments and advice, much of it unedifying or threatening, from those who are opposed to the idea that God's will for Israelis and Palestinians is that they be reconciled, whether in one state with equal rights, or in two states, living side by side in peace.

This email, from a gentleman called Dan, is representative of those worthy of a reply.
I have read your rantings for about as much as I can stomach.  Are you purposefully deceived, or do you have no awareness of truth and righteousness?  You have to realize that the jews have continually offered to settle with the false palis, which have made agreements and not kept them.  And the leaving of supposed palis in 1947 and 1948 was voluntary as the palis were expecting a quick loss by the jews and they hoped to get their land back.  And as has been said, the refugee camps that were made for the arabs were put there by.......arabs, not jews.  The jews return to the area is a fulfillment of prophecy, and the fact that you don't like it and have set yourself to call israel as many names as you can imagine and have opposed even the most reasonable actions by israel, places you in the position of the sanhedrin when they asked gamaliel's advice regarding opposing the gospel- gamaliel warned them that they may be opposing God in their actions.  That is precisely what you are doing, Mr. Sizer.

You will stand before God to give account for the lies you have spoken against the offspring of Abraham, and your strengthening of the muslims that oppose God.  If you hadn't noticed, the muslims are the aggressors here.  And allying yourself to them, you have placed yourself in the shoes of "those who curse you, I will curse" with God speaking there.  You have chosed the road of the accursed.  Repent, please.  Leave your hate and pride behind.

Here was my reply:

Dear Dan

Thank you for your thoughtful email and concerns.

This short article summarises the New Testament case for the position I hold which is entirely consistent with all the mainline Reformed and evangelical denominations.


I commend it to you and your careful reading.