Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism have no place in PSC (or anywhere else)

Tony Greenstein has written a brilliant defence of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and its stand against racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

In his latest blog article, Holocaust Denial and anti-Semitism Have No Place in PSC,
published on Monday, he explains why several motions on racism are being debated at the upcoming PSC AGM on 21st January.

Motion 10, for example, defines racism, anti-Jewish prejudice and Islamophobia "as the belief that inherent different traits in human racial groups or Jews or Muslims respectively, both as individuals and collectively, justify discrimination. These terms apply especially to the practice or advocacy of discrimination of a pernicious nature ie which harms these groups."

Greenstein rightly insists, "Opposition to all forms of racism is a core principle of Palestine solidarity"

In case there is any doubt, I will be supporting the motions.

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I concur wholeheartedly with John Stott who once said,
“Away then with anti-Semitism! It has been an appalling scandal in the history of Europe, and even the Christian church has been implicated. Christians should be ‘pro-Semitic’, in the sense that we recognize how the people of Israel have been highly favoured by God. We Gentiles are their debtors, Paul wrote (Romans 15:27). We owe them a huge spiritual debt, especially in their bequest to the world of both the Scriptures and the Christ.”