Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Egypt’s elections: ‘The revolution is rebuilding Mubarak’

"The faultlines in Egyptian politics do not fall in obvious places.  Abouna Filopater who led the 9 October protest outside the Maspero TV station in Cairo that ended with 27 people being shot dead or crushed by tanks, is a Coptic priest who was himself in the army." writes Jenny Taylor in an important article Egypt’s elections: ‘The revolution is rebuilding Mubarak’ about attempts to subvert the Arab Spring in Egypt.
Street children reach for him as he gets out of the car.  His mobile phone rings ceaselessly – a monastic bell chime.  He laughs easily but also bites his finger nails.  He is in mourning, despite the ready smile. ‘I feel severe sorrow.  We love the Egyptian army very much and it is our army and I was an officer in it.’ He points to his shoulder as if to indicate his two stars earned in the engineering division over three years at the central military base in Cairo.

‘We never expected the army might kill Egyptian citizens and run over them and use live fire against them. ‘The military council [the ruling group led by Field Marshall Tantawi] gave them protection and didn’t stop it.’
This is contested, but the overwhelming weight of evidence even from the National Council for Human Rights – a government institution – indicates the military council were to blame for the attack on protesters marching against recent church burnings in Alexandria, Imbaba and most recently Edfu in the south.
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